Location: San Diego. 5 minutes from University. (pictures below)
Property type: multifamily (2 family)
Bedrooms: 5 bedrooms. 3 Bedrooms for the upstairs unit, 2 bedrooms for the downstairs unit.
Bathrooms: 2
Kitchens/appliances: 2 kitchens both with stoves.
Year built: 1927
Levels: 4 levels in house including the basement.

The City has the property value on this house listed at $60,500.
This is also what the previous owner paid taxes on, so it is a good value of what the house is worth.
Our insurance on the house had to be at a value of $81,000.
This is because if the house burned down, because it is so huge it would take $81,000 to rebuild the house at the same size.
This shows you how big the house itself is and is a great value.

We are selling this property to a potential investor "As-Is" for $37,000.
The mortgage on a $37,000 loan is only around $300 per month.
You can't rent anywhere by yourself for $300 a month, let alone own a huge house.

We are selling this house completely fixed up for $57,000. *Still Below market value.

Investors: You won't find an easier rehab than this!

This is a beautiful multifamily house in San Diego
There are minimal repairs, mainly paint, tile, carpet, and $300-$500 in electrical cleaning up in the basement.
This is work that anybody can do, and an electrician for one area.
It looks like the previous owners did some of their own electrical work in the basement and just needs some wires to be properly run and the house needs to be upgraded to 100amps.
There is a new electrical breaker box already installed.
Newer water heater.
There are some gorgeous rooms with wood flooring on the 2nd level.
There is a newer roof that needs no repairs.
The garage has a newer roof that needs no repairs.
The outside needs little to no repairs.

We estimate there will be only $3,000 - $5,000 in repairs.
Again, mainly paint and carpet.

You have the chance to buy this from our company "As-Is", or after we fix it up for you.

This will make a GREAT rental property. Especially to the University students and local Employees (located within walking distance).
Possibly $450 for the upstairs unit, and $350 for the downstairs unit.
Could also be rented as 1 unit.

We have financing options available for you Immediately.

You may also email us at support@4salehomes.net

Below is one of the beautiful wood based bedrooms with wood floors.

Both kitchens are in good shape.
Cabinets are in good shape, maybe need some paint.

Both kitchens have all new flooring.

Upstairs bedrooms are in good shape.
They don't even need carpet.
May need paint.

Notice the beautiful antique bath with feet.
These are in style and very attractive to buyers.

This is the upstairs kitchen with new flooring also.

Furniture stays.

Newer electrical breaker box.
Needs electrical work as mentioned above.

Newer water heater.

Garage has new roof and roof supports.

House has newer roof and needs no repairs.

Siding needs no repairs.

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